Our Courses (1) - Wellbeing Modules


Wellventures offers several distinct Learning Modules that can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of your family, school or other group or organization.  Each of these Modules is a stand-alone Workshop that runs for one or more sessions.  In these Modules you will explore aspects of Personal Wellbeing through lectures, self-profiling sessions,  the practice of movement techniques, the demonstration and preparation of special foods and meals and, especially, short local field trips and even, perhaps, longer enjoyable excursions.

Wellness Principles and Health Autology


Our Wellness Principles course offerings include an introductory overview session called Your Essential Wellbeing, that introduces and explains our approach to general wellbeing and self-understanding. 

The next tier is available in more focused, subject-specific Modules.

     The Basis For Individuality

     The Stress Management Toolbox

     Autology and Your Human Body Owner's Manual

     Metabolic Type Identification and Understanding

Each of these modules build your individual skillset of wellness practices. How?

In exploring the uniqueness of your body and its metabolic abilities you will clear a path to appropriate choices from the  mess of opinions in the media.

Movement, Stretching, and Proprioception

No wellbeing program is complete without a lot of motion, on your part!

You are a creature designed for dynamic movement and muscular activity.  Let's help you find the spark that puts your body in motion!  


We offer several sessions that explore movement and prepare you for more dynamic motion.   These active edventures will put fun and movement into the same sentence for you and hopefully stimulate you to make them part of your wellness lifestyle.

Proprioception - Understanding Kinesiology and Your Muscle

The Lymphatic System - Movement Clears You of Your Debris

Balance and Muscle Awareness - Posture and Small-Muscle Familiarity

Essential Stretches - Call it Yoga, call it Manimation, call it what you want.

The Outdoor Classroom

Wellventures Believes in the Power of Nature to Teach and to Heal


We are Specialists in the Wild Nature of the Southwest ... and beyond.  Wellbeing can always be found in exploring our amazing World.


Wending the Labyrinth - Labyrinth Building Workshop

Cycles of Culture - Bike Tours in Northern Arizona

Liquid Learning - Rafting and Kyaking Grand Canyon and the San Juan.

Trailblazing - Hiking the Southwest - Havasu and our amazing Yavapai County.

Service Projects in Agriculture - Havasu and the Americas